Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746 – 1827) is  considered one of the classics of pedagogy and a pioneer for a general education for everybody. His maxim for the harmonious education of the adolescent human being  –  head, heart and hand  –  is longely uncontested and still influences education plans and  instruction systems in numerous  schools. In his „Researches“ (Nachforschungen) from 1797, Pestalozzi formulated in a classical way the three elements „abilities, society and self-motivation. „So I am a work of nature, a work of my race and a work of myself.“ (Researches 1797)

This website presents Pestalozzi a philosopher, a political thinker, author and social reformer and gives an overview of his life and work and of significant parts of technical literature. Finally, new research works and numerous texts of Pestalozzi are presented.The existing, complete critical 45 volume edition of Pestalozzi’s works and letters makes possible an intense discussion on the author’s thoughts and his contribution to the development of pedagogical ideas.