Overview of the presentation of Pestalozzi's fundamental ideas

Who occupies himself with the common „myth Pestalozzi“ usually finds the picture of a generous donator, of a sentimental friend of children, of a school reformer being a bit foolish and above all of a clumsy dreamer, who economically did not make his mark. Only particularly interested people and specialists of educational science and history, at the most also of philosophy, economy, literature or sociology know of the very extensive unpublished works of Pestalozzi, which (despite considerable losses) contain of 45 volumes in the „Kritische Gesamtausgabe“ (Critical Complete Edition), and are familiar with Pestalozzi's insights and train of thoughts. In the following Pestalozzi's fundamental ideas are outlined in their essential characteristics. Therefore Arthur Brühlmeier has worded out five topics:

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