Survey on the biographical chapters about Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Pestalozzi's long life from 1746 till 1827 covers a period of big changes in European history: Beginning with the feudalism in the 18th century and followed by the emancipation and democratic structures in state and society. Open for the demands made during the French revolution but also disappointed by its excesses Pestalozzi discusses political and social changes of his time in his works.

His biography, which often connects Pestalozzi's personal impressions and his literary work, is introduced on these pages: There is a short biography but also a long description of six parts of Pestalozzi's life, whereas Pestalozzi's years in Neuhof are described particularly detailed:

Although changing his profession occasionally Pestalozzi published his writings during his whole life: philosophical, political and educational writings, scriptures concerning his educational methods and autobiographical writings. Those writings (300 works and over 6000 letters) are strongly connected to Pestalozzi's eventful life and one can often just understand them in connecting life and writing. The following chapters are underlining this fact and they are meant to show the biographical roots of Pestalozzi's work.